I. Keep an Immigrant's Perspective.
Like an immigrant who comes to a new country with nothing but faith, hope and love, we do not have myopia where opportunities are concerned. We see that opportunities are everywhere, every day, and we make the most of those that cross our path. Many times they are opportunities that others don't see.
II. Employ a Circular Vision.
The experiences of our family with crisis and change in our mother country wire us to anticipate false promises and unexpected outcomes. Because our immigrant perspective allows us to see opportunities others cannot, we have wide-angle vision and are proficient at anticipating crisis and managing change before circumstances force our hand.
III. Unleash Your Latin Passion.
Our ability to inject intense passion into everything we do makes us potent pioneers. We not only blaze paths few would go down, we see them through to the end. Our passion opens new doors of possibilities that we aim to share with others.
IV. Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.
In America, you might be an entrepreneur. In Latin America, you must be one. The ability to see and seize opportunities to build relationships, advance commerce, and better humanity is an inborn survival mechanism. Innovation becomes second-nature.
V. Work with Generous Purpose.
It is in our blood to give. We are raised to consider others' needs as much as our own. This begins with giving inside our family when we are young, and then, when we are older, we are taught that we are a part of a larger family all around us. Our propensity to give to others from our harvest ensures us a perpetual harvest.
VI. Embrace Your Cultural Promise.
Our familial style of relating allows us the good fortune of having history on our side. The strongest bonds in business, across the entire value chain, occur when employees, partners and distributers alike are treated like family. The treatment is reciprocated and opportunities continue to arise. Our cultural promise is that success comes most to those who are surrounded by people who want their success to continue.
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