CHL is diligent about delivering a premium standard of high quality, time sensitive and relevant thought-leadership excellence. Our meaningful and purposeful relationships with top-flight speakers from corporate, academia, government and non-profit sectors allows CHL to continually provide  cutting-edge insights, trends, know-how and fresh perspectives that positively affects the advancement of Hispanic Leadership development in the workplace.
Our speakers will be carefully evaluated, previewed and selected by CHL's 10 City Tour Committee that is comprised of academics, corporate leaders and CHL's thought-leadership staff. If you would like to nominate a Speaker, please complete the application .
Please learn about our speakers that participated in our most recent Tour city location.
Why Hispanic Leadership Matters in Today's Brave New Workplace (Keynote Address)
Accelerate the Renewed Awakening and Development of Hispanic Leadership
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Glenn Llopis Founder/CEO, Center for Hispanic Leadership

Hispanic Talent/Market Development Convergence Amongst Fortune 500's (Executive Roundtable)
Hispanic Talent and Hispanic Market Development Must Represent Two-Sides of the Same Coin to Most Authentically Capture the $1.3 Trillion Hispanic Consumer Purchasing Power (est. by 2014)
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Move Diversity Initiatives into the Fortune 500 C- Suite (Plenary Session)
Allow Diversity to Touch the Business and its Value Chain Continuously to Grow and Compete in Today's Global Market
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Currently, we are in the process of evaluating speakers and will update you as selections are made for each Tour City location.
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