The Hispanic Leadership Tour will critically discuss, debate and set forth an agenda to assure that a new infrastructure exists in America's Corporations to support the recruitment, retention, development and career advancement of Hispanic Leaders to help corporations secure several business imperatives.
The agenda below represents the three-day program that will be hosted by a selected University partner within each Tour city. Speakers will be carefully evaluated, previewed and selected.
Day 1: Hispanic Leadership: A Business and Societal Imperative
  Thought-Leadership Symposium 2pm-6pm
Featured topics for discussion will include:
Why Hispanic Leadership Matters in Today's Brave New Workplace (Keynote Address)
Accelerate the Renewed Awakening and Development of Hispanic Leadership
Hispanic Leadership represents the "new normal" in today's brave new workplace. The 6 Natural Characteristics that define Hispanic Leadership - represent the leadership competencies to be successful and significant in today's new economy. We compete in a fiercely competitive global market that demands a high performance talent pool and leadership that must:
Seek to continuously propel new types of innovations; embrace the entrepreneurial spirit
Lead change and proactively take calculated risks based on how the market is changing and how their competitors are not reacting to the changing market
Build relationships, engage and seek continuous improvement feedback from vendors, clients and consumers to become better across the entire supply chain
Inspire employees to be their own brand; allow them to perform with passion and contribute in areas that propel their most natural strengths and capabilities,
Support an environment that embraces the power of multicultural talent and diversity in its people and that desire strong generational balance in its workforce,
Desire to be successful while always being significant to positively transform lives and leave a legacy for others to follow
We have reached a pinnacle stage in America that requires a new enlightened form of leadership to renew the ways we must think, act and innovate in the workplace. Hispanic Professionals are in a unique position to assume this role in ways that can contribute greatly in a landscape of constant change and need for continuous reinvention.
Featured Article:
Six Lessons that Chile Taught America's Corporations About Hispanic Leadership, By Glenn Llopis
Glenn Llopis Founder/CEO, Center for Hispanic Leadership
Hispanic Talent/Market Development Convergence Amongst Fortune 500's (Executive Roundtable)
Hispanic Talent and Hispanic Market Development Must Represent Two-Sides of the Same Coin to Most Authentically Capture the $1.3 Trillion Hispanic Consumer Purchasing Power (est. by 2014)
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Move Diversity Initiatives into the Fortune 500 C- Suite (Plenary Session)
Allow Diversity to Touch the Business and its Value Chain Continuously to Grow and Compete in Today's Global Market
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At the conclusion of the Thought-Leadership Symposium - the University Partner will Host a Networking Mixer
Who Should Attend the Thought-Leadership Symposium?
Corporations: Managers Senior Managers / Directors / Vice Presidents / C Suite Executives
Government: Local / Regional / National
Colleges & Universities: Business Students / Staff / Academia / Alumni
Non-Profit: Executive Directors / Board Members / Program Managers / Staff / Administrators
Day 2-3: Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence
  Two-Day Workshop:  8:00am - 4:30pm
Hispanic professionals represent tremendous talent potential that is influencing the acceleration of diversity recruitment, career advancement and market development opportunities. As companies seek to broaden their Hispanic market reach for the growth of their products and services, the necessity for Hispanic Leadership is at an all-time high.

For Hispanics to thrive at their highest performance levels in the workplace, they must activate the following
6 Natural Characteristics that Define Hispanic Leadership (download free eBook):
Immigrant Perspective Circular Vision Latin Passion
Entrepreneurial Spirit Generous Purpose Cultural Promise
This workshop will actively integrate real workplace examples, 1:1 and group role playing, situational analysis and will explore case studies to help best guide the development of Hispanic Leadership driven by the six natural characteristics.  Ultimately, participants will have greater self awareness and applied knowledge of how to maximize their inherent leadership capabilities to immediately advance their success and opportunities for significance in the workplace.
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Who Should Attend the Two-Day Workshop?

Senior Managers
Vice Presidents
Hispanic ERG Leaders
Diversity Leaders
Talent Management Leaders
Business Development Leaders
Marketing Executives
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