When properly trained and mentored, Hispanic professionals thrive in leadership roles. CHL has proven this to be true. The 2011-12 Hispanic Leadership Tour mission is to educate Corporations on how to gain a global competitive advantage by allowing their Hispanic Talent to activate their natural characteristics that make them great leaders to propel workplace innovation and spearhead marketplace growth & expansion.
CHL will visit ten (10) of some of the most popular Hispanic workplace communities in America. Corporations will be given the opportunity to send their Hispanic Professionals to attend CHL's intensive two-day workshop:  Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence. Jump to Agenda.
Glenn Llopis, CHL Founder / CEO, will conduct workshops, executive roundtable forums, plenary sessions, keynotes and interview key influencers across corporate, academia, non-profit and government sectors to address the importance and significance of Hispanic Leadership in America.
The Hispanic Leadership Epidemic
Hispanics represent less than 2% of America 's C-Suite in Fortune 500 Companies. According to a 2008 Pew Hispanic Center Study Study - Hispanics only represent  7.2% of management and professional occupations in America.
In a November, 2010 National Survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, 74% of people either do not know or do not believe there is an important Hispanic Leader in the US today (Download Survey).
Hispanics are not viewed by the general population as influential leaders in business and society. This is a emerging trend amongst mainstream political candidates who would rather not engage in purposeful/meaningful collaboration. (Read Article One    Read Article Two)
Most Hispanics have assimilated  amongst their mainstream peer groups to become accepted, and seek equal opportunities
Corporations and Universities have not solidified a platform to most authentically engage with Hispanic Professionals (earn a trustworthy relationship)
Hispanics must create greater impact and influence beyond population impact and purchasing power
It's no longer enough to be a Hispanic that assumes a leadership role.  Today, it's about being a Hispanic Leader!
The Hispanic Leadership Opportunity
Hispanics represent the majority-minority in the United States and their growing relevancy as professionals is impacting the changing face of America's corporations.   The natural characteristics that define Hispanic Leadership represents the new normal leadership competencies that corporations must embrace to grow and compete in today's fiercely competitive global marketplace.  In addition, as companies seek to broaden their Hispanic market reach for the growth of their products and services -  the necessity for Hispanic Talent and its authentic Leadership is at an all-time high.
Hispanic professionals are well positioned to assume key leadership roles in today's brave new workplace.  Today's organizations require a new enlightened form of leadership that will give people new purpose, put a premium on sustainable innovation, and maintain an ethical approach on driving performance development.  Hispanic Professionals must assume this leadership role in today's new economy.  Hispanic Leadership Matters!
The 10 City Hispanic Leadership Tour will critically discuss, debate and set forth an agenda to assure that a new infrastructure exist in America's Corporations to support the recruitment, retention, development and career advancement of Hispanic Leaders to help corporations secure several business imperatives.
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