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Why Hispanic Leadership Matters in Today's Brave New Workplace (Keynote Address)
Accelerate the Renewed Awakening and Development of Hispanic Leadership
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Glenn Llopis Founder/CEO, Center for Hispanic Leadership

Hispanic Talent/Market Development Convergence Amongst Fortune 500's (Executive Roundtable)
Hispanic Talent and Hispanic Market Development Must Represent Two-Sides of the Same Coin to Most Authentically Capture the $1.3 Trillion Hispanic Consumer Purchasing Power (est. by 2014)
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Francisco Bethencourt Director, Hispanic Market Strategy, Pepsi Beverages Company
Luis Vargas , Director of Neighborhood Marketing – Hispanic, Winn-Dixie Stores Inc.
Miguel Ferrer Director, AOL Latino
Miriam Muléy CEO, Author, The 85% Niche, LLC
Luis F. Casas Director of Marketing, Communications & Recruiting of the College of Business Administration at Florida International University in Miami, Florida
Move Diversity Initiatives into the Fortune 500 C- Suite (Plenary Session)
Allow Diversity to Touch the Business and its Value Chain Continuously to Grow and Compete in Today's Global Market
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Rosanna Fiske Chair / CEO, Public Relations Society of America
Jose Nido Vice President, Global Supplier Diversity, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
Rima K. Matsumoto - Vice President, Research & Strategic Alliances Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP)
Pam McElvane , CEO of P & L Group, Ltd / Diversity MBA Magazine
Shawntee Reed Manager of Diversity, Sears Holdings Corporation
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